CoreLink Strategies is a small management consulting firm that proudly design and implement innovative solutions to our clientele.  We consult on strategy, resource management, workforce planning, event management, process design and implementation, financial planning and budgeting, cost modeling, data management and software development and integration.
We approach each engagement uniquely, while employing our proven methods to best meet each client's organizational structure and current challenges.  We deploy the appropriate personnel to yield an immediate and long-term impact to each client's organization.  We ensure ZERO interruption to your current activities while working with your experts current practices and procedures to develop the best approach to implementing proven enhancements.  You continue to focus on running your day-to-day operations and let us work behind the scenes to design your optimal structure and processes.

 Adapt -- Align -- Implement


We strive to help our client organizations' develop a solid foundation and strategy so they can be successful. We will work to optimize your organization by adapting your processes and structure, aligning your employees and contractors to your priority business areas, and implementing the necessary changes to achieve sustainable efficiencies.

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